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It’s time to get back to Keep It Simple Stupid approach to web development. Today I think there is too much reliance on using web frameworks (basically coding libraries to help with developing a website) and content management systems (WordPress is the biggest system used to build websites). There is a time and place for them, but a site is going to be in better shape without them. By keeping things simple you are going to have the advantage of page loads being speedy. There is lots of research on people's attention span and how long they will wait to see a website. So balancing speed with a visually pleasing design that gets the information the visitor is looking for is key in creating a website.

Web development isn’t just about what you see with a website. It can entail backend development, which can allow the editing of the website or portions of it, maybe adding products, profiles, photo galleries, pulling information from a database, etc. A developer can write scripts to make tasks easier for someone or automate them completely. In the end, the developer should do a website audit and make sure there isn’t anything they can improve upon.

You may notice I like to keep things simple and get to the point. I’ll do my best to keep things in nontechnical terms, but if I don’t feel free to ask for an explanation. Want to discuss a potential project with me then fill out my contact form.